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Q: Where do your vehicles come from?

A: Most of our vehicles are one-owner trade ins or off-lease vehicles that we purchase directly from the vehicle manufacturers leasing programs or trade in fleet sales. The rest come in as quality dealer auto auctions.

Q: Do you check the history of your vehicles?

A: Yes, AUTO SHOWROOM, LLC checks the vehicle history of each vehicle.  We NEVER sell vehicles with salvage titles, flood damage, or anything else of that Nature.

Q: Do you inspect the vehicles?

A: Yes, We inspect every vehicle in a state-of-the-art facility that is affiliated to us. During this inspection every major system and option of the vehicle is checked to ensure proper operation. We will replace any belts, hoses, filters, and fluids that needs to be replaced. 

Q: Are your vehicles under warranty?

A: Many of our vehicles are still under the manufacturer's warranty and you can purchase an extended nationwide warranty at the time of sale. We sell all vehicles as is, so if you purchase any warranty it will be directly from the warranty company or the manufacturer.

Q: How do I buy a car online?

A: It's very easy, First you browse our website to find the right vehicle for you. Once you find a vehicle you can call or email us to ask any questions that you might have. Then we will discuss your payment and pickup/shipping options. We may even be able to help you arrange financing.  After the financials are taken care of, the vehicle can be picked up at our location, or we can arrange for it to be picked up and shipped to you.

Q: How do your Ebay auctions work?

A: Our Ebay auctions are very similar to our online sales.  We only list the vehicles that we are sure will be satisfactory to buyers who are buying out of state without viewing the vehicle. 

Q: Can you arrange for the shipping of a vehicle?

A: Yes, We deal with a network of auto transporters across the country and can Help arrange for the delivery of a vehicle anywhere in the country and even Overseas. Delivery usually takes between 3-14 days depending on you location.

Q: Do you accept trade-in's?

A: We do accept Trades.  Our advertised prices are for Cash Sale only, but we will do our best to work with you.


A: Many cars come with a Factory Limited Warranty and that warranty should be honored by the Manufacturer.  The Manufacturer will be able to confirm all or any remaining warranty.


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